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Unfall am Futaleufu

aus Wildwasserzentrum Buchholz/Nor
am 03. Januar 2017 um 18:59

Bevor wilde Gerüchte die Runde machen, hier der Bericht von Anne Hübner:

Just to prevent rumours that are spreading around the world:

This is a recapture of what happened on the 1st of January 2017. As many different versions are spread out already, we would like to communicate the original story. Around 18:00 we got onto the Futaleufu putting in on the Puente with a crew of seven paddlers. It was the second run of the day and everyone was familiar with the river. At the Tiburon rapid, one of the crew members flipped, tried to roll several times but had to swim ~30 meters before the wall in the main current. The crew was around but it wasn’t possible to reach the swimmer in time before he got sucked down. After more than a minute, the swimmer popped up unconscious, and the crew managed to get him on shore. After giving him two breaths of life, he showed the first sign of breathing himself. Alarm for the ambulance was set and a cataraft was organised as there was no other safe option to get the victim down to the road. By the time that the cataraft arrived, the victim was already able to communicate and move. The crew got him down to the take out of Puente Futaleufu from where he was brought to hospital in Futaleufu. After spending the night in the hospital, the doctors released him. He is doing fine with no remaining damage. The boat was recovered the next day. We thank all the people involved for the fast and adequate action. A life was saved this day.

am 01. April 2017 um 20:06

Tja, Gott sei dank