Fluidkayaks kooperiert mit WRSI-Helmets

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Aus Südafrika erreichte uns die Meldung, dass der Kajakhersteller Fluid ab sofort seine Teamfahrer mit WRSI-Helmen ausstattet. Die Helme werden in einer Sonderedition mit dem Fluid-Logo beschriftet sein, so dass auch nach aussen die Teamzugehörigkeit deutlich erkennbar sein wird:


Fluid partners with WRSI

Fluid Kayaks is proud to be associated with WRSI, well respected
manufacturer of whitewater helmets.


WRSI's official mission is to promote whitewater recreation safety and save
lives by disseminating knowledge and improving equipment. Since they
launched their first production series of helmets 5 years ago after some
intense testing in the lab and on the water, they have made a name for
themselves for producing super safe helmets at affordable prices.


Fluid recognized the quality of WRSI helmets and believe that there is no
better option on the market today for protecting heads in whitewater. Some
of our team paddlers have been testing WRSI helmets for a long period
already, and we are happy to know that all our team paddlers will now be
protected by WRSI.


Fluid Team Paddlers will be using WRSI helmets with custom Team graphics
from February 2011.

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