Lange ersehnt, endlich da: Der neue Fluid Detox L

Autor: Celliers Kruger
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 - Celliers Kruger, Chef von Fluid Kajaks aus Südafrika, berichtet über erste Details seines neuen Semi-Creekers Detox L:


The Large Detox Is Out

I'm happy to report that the L Detox has hit production!

For kayakers who want a creekboat with a playboat hull; for kayakers who want to run rivers and play on the way down; for kayakers who want an easy boat to learn to kayak - there has never been a better-suited kayak than the Detox.


The Detox hull incorporates a variation of the Nemesis rail system with super forgiving sidewalls and generous kick rocker to create an exciting but very stable ride. It boofs like no man’s business, surfs green waves like a charm, catches must-make eddies with ease, runs creeks like a creekboat, runs big volume runs like a playboat. What more can you ask for?


There is ample volume, which, combined with the peaked decks, ensures controllable surfacing when running drops. The deck profile and hull width makes the Detox super easy to roll, inspiring confidence on difficult runs. There is enough space to take overnight gear, and the full bulkhead will protect your ankles in a piton if you miss your line (not the boat’s fault of cause).


The Detox fills the gap between the Spice and the Solo series in the Fluid line-up. If the Spice is too playful for the type of rivers you want to run, and the Solo is a too full-on creeker to enjoy on easier runs, the Detox is the boat for you. 

The M Detox has been extremely well received, and first responses on the L Detox show
that we've hit the nail on the head with this design.


The Detox comes standard in the following colours: yellow, red, orange and silver.

The Specs for the L Detox are:

Length: 245cm /8"
Width: 66 cm / 26"
Volume: 270l /71gal
Weight: 20kg /44lbs
Cockpit Size: 49x87 cm/ 19.25"x34.25"
Paddler weight range: 70-115kg /180-250lbs


Text und Fotos: Celliers Kruger

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