Nice Playspot on the river Möll in Obervellach

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Sometimes a walk down to the cellar or up to the the attic, results in unexpected discoveries. An examination of some unpublished Soulboater reports in our archive, brought to light the english version of a playspot description on river Moell by Jan-Peter in 2005. The two waves are still existing, here's the report:

Möll – Playspot in Obervellach

Since spring 2005 the Möll River has become an attractive destination for more than just whitewater kayakers.

Two waves with eddy access in the middle:

At the campground in Obervellach, the camp direction took the initiative to use an excavator to place boulders in the river. The result is an approximately 200 meter long section of waves and holes that is great for paddlers of all ability levels.

J-P in the RAD 195

The course starts with a rock barrier in the middle of the river with two long, flat waves on either side. It can be tough to stay on the waves in shorter boats, but with longer ones you can surf for hours. The eddy and the corresponding eddy-lines are great for practicing eddy-line moves.


Shortly thereafter comes the second, higher and more powerful, river-wide drop. At the water level we experienced, the drop resembled a pulsing hole that occasionally resembled a breaking wave. On the sides you can easily surf and in the middle all the latest hole moves are possible, but don’t expect a chance to roll back up in the wave if you flip. Wash-out takes place quite quickly. Behind the wave, the water flows quickly, but sufficiently deep so that there’s little danger of injury if you decide to take a while to roll. If you do take a while though, paddlers with short boats will have trouble paddling back up through the allusive eddies to the playspot.

The best thing about this new section is that its located right above the campground, making an evening session easy (no shuttle running necessary).


Photos: Frank Bonnmann


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